What is Skademy?

 We are a community of course curators, mentors, tutors and students with a mission to create the skills needed to build and run Web and Mobile tech companies.

We have a select number of courses on Information Technology and Tech Entrepreneurship. We are focused on entry level topics on Web and Mobile Technologies, and the skills needed to build companies on these technologies.

We make our courses available for free online and we also provide them to schools to offer them to their students for free.

Each course is basically a bundle of free good quality and tested online courses, tutorials, videos, articles, etc, curated by experts to create a learning path for a specific vocational skill.

We sign up experts to each course from various regions of the world to help as technical mentors and tutors for those who cannot complete the courses on their own. The students pay a flat for of

$100 (50,000 FCFA)  - for mentoring over a period of three (3) months or

$500 (250,000 FCFA) for tutoring for a period of three (3) months each.

Companies and other organizations support some students in paying their fees with our Sponsored Training programs, in exchange for 4 months internship in an organization chosen by the company in the Sponsored Training Offer Document. We are looking at other ways like donations and crowdfunding,  to help students pay their fees so that they could afford quality mentoring/ tutoring.

Skademy processes payments and charges each mentor/ tutor 30% of the students fees for the upkeep of the community.

We believe anyone can learn anything she puts her heart on, especially with the right material and people to help her through.

Support Us

Help us in our endeavour to create more skills for the web and mobile industry by sponsoring training, helping students with space to learn or by volunteering to moderate a forum on learners as a technical mentor for free. You could also donate money for students mentoring as some students can't afford it or their parents don't feel like paying for IT is a priority. Learn More

Become a Mentor

Skademy is always experts who want to mentor and tutor students as they learn to code and build startups. If you want to contribute to creating tomorrow's skills, discover our courses, identify the ones you want to handle and send us your CV. You get 70% of mentoring and tutoring fees. Apply to become a mentor

Sponsor a Training

Sponsor a training and help to create more skills needed in the web and mobile industry. You select the best students to do an internship with you for four months after their training. To sponsor a training, you choose a number of people you would like to be trained and pay their mentoring fees.  Learn More

Skademy for you School

Are you a Dean of Studies or a School Administrator? Freely take Skademy to your students as elective vocational courses. We could offer you a mentor or you could register some of your staff as mentors. You could also put some Skademy courses as some of the content for your regular curriculum. Your students will gain the experience of studying online with Skademy. Need more ideas? Learn More