• become a mentor

    Become a Mentor

    Experience the joy of creating success

    It's an feeling amazing when you help someone move from step one to step two.

What will be the point of free vocational training if students don't get to finish their courses and acquire new skills?

Core mentoring tasks include:

  • Initiate a student into his/ her course
  • Check in with student after he/she completes every major lesson
  • Make sure the student finishes his/ her lessons within specified duration
  • Help student in difficulty (usually by directing student to the right person or resource)
  • Provide the discipline the student needs to complete his/ her lessons

As a Skademy Mentor, your main goal is to help your student complete his/ her course.

- Have fun
- You too will need a mentor on courses you take. It's a good exchange
- Help someone become better
- Help reduce the drop off rates in self-study
- Enhance the relationships of the people you mentor
- We evaluate the training program.
- We close, repeat or revise the training program
- A sincere desire to be involved with a young person
- Respect for young people
- Active listening skills
- Empathy & flexibility
- Ability to see solutions and opportunities
- Each program must have a clear tangible vocational skill trainees will acquire. Such skills must be applicable for decent jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

So - You're Ready?

We will get back to you to discuss details ASAP.