Course Description

Learn the principles of accounting, how to record business transactions and how to run your accounting on the cloud with Cloud Accounting for Startups.

The course includes the following topics: Measuring and recording Business Transactions, Business Income and Adjusting Entries, Completion of the Accounting Cycle, Accounting for Merchandising Operations, Inventories, Internal Control and Cash, Receivables, and Accounting Information Systems.

Advised Duration: 3 months

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to learn the basic principles of bookkeeping and accounting, the intelligent interpretation and use of financial statements in managing and analyzing business operations. Beginners can take this course.

Cost: Free. You can, however, request for a Certificate of Completion after you have completed the course. Skademy Request fee is 20,000 Frs.

Mode of Program:

  • Self-study.
  • Communicate with a mentor on emails, SMS, and phone calls.
  • The mentor will request for physical meetings when need be.

Location: Mentor and student will communicate and agree on where to meet for any physical meetings.

Course Outcome (Skills attained):

At the end of this program, you will be able to

  • Record Business Transactions through the instrumentality of the Accounting Cycle
  • Develop, interpret and intelligently use information in Financial Statements for Decision Making

Jobs & Industry Applicability:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Consultant
  • Analyst


  • Anyone interested in accounting and entrepreneurship can take this program.
  • A previous knowledge of bookkeeping practice is an added advantage.

Course Requirements:

  • Personal Computer
  • Access to the internet

Evaluation: How well and how fast he completes exercises, especially the final project.

Mentor/ Coach: After admission, a coach will contact you and invite you to a meeting. Your Coach will counsel you and assign you to a suitable mentor to you who will guide you through with appropriate discipline towards completion.

After this what next? After this taking this course, you will be apt to get into the world to apply all the skill that have been gotten. You should continue taking exercises on advanced Accounting topics to become a pro, or you could look into some Finance and financial management and advanced financial accounting and taxation so that you can take a journey towards becoming a valuable accounting and finance professional.

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