Course Description

The Web Design Foundations will take you through the first steps of becoming a Web Designer. You will be introduced to Web Design, HTML & CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, editing HTML templates and hosting your websites online.

Advised Duration: 1 month

Who is this course for? This course for anyone who wants to become a Web Designer. It is also a great course for Internet Marketers and Graphic Designers who would like to learn the basics of Web Design so that they can build and launch their web pages by themselves and they can work well in a team with Web Designers and Web Developers.

Mode of Program:
– Self-study.
– Communicate with a mentor on emails, SMS, and phone calls.
– The mentor will request for physical meetings when need be.

Location: The mentor and student will communicate and agree on where to meet for any physical meetings.

Course Outcome (Skills attained):
At the end of this program, you will be able to
–  build web pages HTML & CSS
–  build web pages with Twitter Bootstrap
–  edit website templates created by other designers
–  host websites online using a cPanel hosting service

Jobs & Industry Applicability:
After taking this course, you will be able to have junior positions in the following roles.
– Web Designer

Core Exercises:
– Progressively build a website for a demo company called Paul’s Web Design Agency

– Anyone who knows how to use a personal computer and to navigate the Internet can take this course.

Course Requirements:
– Personal Computer
– Access to the internet

Evaluation: Results from your final project

Mentor/ Coach: It is free to take this course online by yourself. If you need mentoring or tutoring, you can find details here.

After this what next? At the end of this program, you will have the basic skills needed to build and host a basic website. After this course, it is advisable to take the full Web Design Diploma Course and WordPress Developer Course for a deeper understanding and skill level in Web Design.

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  1. Such an elaborate course for potential web developers

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