How Does a Clipping Work in Photoshop?

How Does a Clipping Work in Photoshop?
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A clipping mask is a type of mask that connects multiple layers together based on the shape of the bottommost layer. This allows you to apply adjustment or effects on one layer while leaving the others untouched.

You can apply clipping to shapes, text, or images in Photoshop. This is especially useful when working with spot adjustments and image composites.

How Does a Clipping Work?

The most common use of a clipping mask is for filling text with an image. You can quickly and easily fill the entire text with a picture (or a series of photos) using a clipping mask.

This can be used to create a brochure or website that is filled with a photograph professional clipping path service and text. To do this, select the layer that contains the text and the image and apply a clipping mask.

A clipping mask can be applied to any of the above layers by clicking on Mask with Shape in the context menu or / CTRL + / SHIFT + M or in the main menu Modify > Mask with Shape.

Objects that are below the clipped object will be placed inside the bottommost object and any parts that fall outside the clipping path are hidden. You can also change the color of the bottom object so that it is no longer visible.

Another way to use a clipping mask is to combine a top layer with a bottom layer to form a new top layer. This is particularly useful when forming a photo composite in Procreate.

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